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The Wolf Bros journey began back in 1902 in Cape Town, South Africa. The Wolf brothers: Angel and Isador, spent their childhood working in and around their fathers jewellery business in London.

In the late 1800’s they decided to embark on a new beginning and saw South Africa as their land of promise. They left behind their friends and family, and with all they had – they opened up a modest little jewellery store in Adderley Street, Cape Town where they supplied a small stock of watches and engagement rings. In time the Wolf brothers realised that their customers sought out their personal and individualised service as an owner-run business and continued to build upon the requests of their clientele.


1902 - 1970


Soon they had their own jewellery workshop where they could fix and alter jewellery for their clients. Many of their clientel travelled substantial distances to visit their store from out of them – this is where they launched a large mail order catalogue where they could service and deliver to customers from far and wide. 

Their product range began to grow and in no time they were offering a wider range of jewellery, diamonds, watches and even gramophones. Their success continued to prosper despite the First and Second World Wars.

Sadly as life goes – both the brothers had passed away by the early 1970’s and their precious jewellery business was handed down to a previous employee. By this time the business had subsided to a modest offering on Voortrekker Road, in Parow, Cape Town.

This is when Melvyn Geenstein, a travelling entrepreneur in his mid-20’s, purchased the business with a vision of recreating Wolf Brothers Jewellery.



Today, Wolf Bros consists of four branches, one in Cape Town, two in Johannesburg and one in Durban. The company has come a long way since it’s early inception but we still operate on the core values that Angel and Isador established all those years ago. 

We are still owner-managed and we invite customers to get in touch with us regarding any interest or desire they may have.

We continue to appreciate our loyal customers support and interest over all the years.